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Award-winning graphic design genious and webmaster
[But I'm not one to brag...]

Who would have thought? Tim Kana'an, from Kalamazoo, Michigan — award-winning graphic designer and webmaster. But then again, Britney Spears only came in second on Star Search. Whoa...it's getting deep in here. I'm not putting myself down, but almost anyone can win an award on the world-wide web. You just need to be nominated. And, you can nominate yourself.

It's true, you can nominate your own website for an award. You don't think that your site is good enough to win a coveted award? Guess again. Almost (and I stress — almost) anyone, with even the slightest sense of design, and the ability to build a functional website, can win. Like I said, I'm not trying to discredit my own skills, but don't believe the hype.

Your site has to be pretty bad, not to win an award of some kind. You see, if your website doesn't win, the award site loses. Why? Because you won't order a beautifully mounted and framed plaque, saying that you've won the award (from the award site) — for the incredibly low price of $19.95, plus shipping and handling.

Don't have $19.95? You can still tell the world of your greatness, for FREE. Most award sites will generously give you a banner "plaque" to proudly display on your website. And, as an added bonus, your visitors can click on the banner to visit the award site, too — so that they can nominate their own sites. Pretty neat, huh? Here are the awards that timkanaan.com has won. My digital fireplace mantle.

>> Graphic design, advertising and promotional materials, collateral, annual reports, logos and identity. <<

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